Our Reports

Homes for Families embarked on a research project from January 2014 through June of 2017. Here are four papers that we released as part of that project.

•  March 2015 : Assessment of Families Experiencing Homelessness : A Guide for Practitioners and Policy Makers

•  June 2015: The Family Shelter System in Massachusetts : a snapshot of program models, service needs, promising practices, and challenges

•  September 2017: Family Experiences of Homelessness in Massachusetts : The Case for Family Centered Care (click here for the data overview)

•  September 2017: Evidence Based Stabilization : A Solution to Reduce Family Homelessness in Massachusetts


Families come to experience homelessness for a variety of factors, but if we look to economics we can begin to put some factors together. Simply put, wages and incomes have not kept up with the high cost of housing. As a result, thousands of families are forced to choose between paying for housing and food, child care, health care, and education. Being low income in our Commonwealth too often means living at risk of becoming homeless.